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The closure is an important part of any bottle. Not only are closures functional – providing the necessary seal to protect the quality of your product – they are also key design elements that can greatly affect the look and style of your bottle. There are many kinds of closure – ROPP and stelvin screw caps, lug caps, corks, swing tops, crowns – and within each kind there can be quite a lot of variation. Many closures are standardized, such as the 33mm lug cap and the 28mm ROPP cap. These types of closures are basically sold as commodities and are a good choice for the cost-conscious. A custom designed closure, while more expensive, helps set your bottle apart and give it added value.

When deciding what closure to use with your bottle, it is important to also consider the tamper evidence (TE) method. TE is crucial for ensuring your bottles have not been opened or unsealed prior to reaching the final consumer. Some closures have a TE system built-in: the tear-away band on the bottom of plastic and aluminum screw caps, the pop-up button on lug caps. For those that do not, there are various alternative methods of TE, such as bands of paper that are glued across the bottle neck and closure, heatshrink plastic or aluminum capsules, press fit foil, or wax coatings. Just like closures, TE systems can do double duty as both essential functional components and brand supporting design elements.

Note the various styles of closures above.