Los Angeles, CA

The Padrino Tequila bottle is the culmination of several years of development, and is the most complicated and difficult bottle we have ever produced. The bottle is crystal flint glass with engraved and plated zinc elements – the closure, collar, faceplate and medallion. The engravings of each piece have been painstakingly filled with white ink to add a striking contrast. The final product has 330 rhinestones applied to the surface for a breathtaking sparkle.

Charleston Distilling

Charleston, SC

A throwback to the days of rum-running, the Charleston Distilling bottle has their logo embossed on the front of the bottle. It is made from crystal flint and comes as both a clear and a green-coated version. The closure is synthetic cork with a copper-plated aluminium upper that has also been embossed with their logo. Paper labels are applied by hand at the distillery.

Park Distillery

Banff, AB

Park Distillery produces hand crafted, small batch spirits and is located in a National Forrest in Banff, Alberta, Canada. The bottles for these spirits are one of our Standard bottles. The high quality bottles are finished with adhesive labels on the front, back and neck, as well as a smooth walled black plastic topped synthetic shank closure.

Hillrock Whiskey

Hudson Valley

Bold and strong, this rectangular-shaped bottle has a thick base and embossed logo on one side. The front and back surfaces are labelled with decals of metallic gold ink, while the side has a hand-applied paper label. The closure is engraved wood with natural cork.


Columbus, OH

A premium mineral water, in both still and sparkling varieties, Natura uses a super flint bottle with applied decal labelling. The closure is a custom plastic screw cap.

Four Pillars Gin

Yarra Valley, Australia

Four Pillars uses a custom crystal flint bottle. The label is adhesive paper, while the closure is wood top, synthetic cork encased with a tin capsule.

American Barwares

Denver, CO

American Barwares uses a premium flint cocktail stirring glass, made using a custom 3-piece mold. The glass comes as a set with both the stirring spoon and stainer, which are made from high quality stainless steel.

Iron Root Republic

Denison, TX

A maker of Texas craft spirits, IRR has an exquisite crystal flint bottle with 3 colors of gradient spray on the base, denoting 3 different spirits. The labels are applied decals with an anodized aluminium “R” medallion. The closures are synthetic cork with anodized aluminium uppers to match the color of the sprayed bases.

Cinco Vodka

San Antonio, TX

Cinco Vodka was founded to provide American consumers with a 100% American crafted vodka. The company came to us to design and produce a bottle that would speak to their made-in-America production and branding, while heralding the spirit’s premier attributes.

The final bottle design features crystal flint glass, for the highest levels of brilliance and clarity, a thick, substantial base, and a black gloss aluminium closure with a synthetic cork. The bottle surface has been embossed with a flourish of the company logo, and aligned vertically on either side are five embossed Texas stars. These stars feature in the bottle labelling, which has been adhered to the front of the bottle utilizing a ceramic heat transfer process.

Bootlegger Vodka

Roscoe, NY

In 2009, Prohibition Distillery came to us with a pencil drawing of a flower and a rough sketch of the bottle shape. We took their drawings and, working with our engineers, created this beautiful, fully custom, 750mL standard flint bottle. Embossed with original floral artwork, the bottle is spray-coated antique green. Double-sided adhesive paper labels are applied on 2 sides, while the closure is made of black aluminium with a synthetic cork shank.

Republic Tequila

Austin, TX

Republic Tequila is ultrapremium 100% blue agave Tequila. As a nod to its Texan roots, an as a show of their Texan Pride, the company opted for two bottle designs. The first was a 750mL standard flint Texas-shaped bottle that created a sensation on the local market when it debuted in 2009. With applied ceramic labelling, each bottle features a synthetic cork closure that was color coordinated to match the particular variety of Tequila the bottle contained.

Fusion also produced the bottles for Republic’s standard product line. Far more classic in shape, this custom 750mL bottle is made from the highest quality super flint glass, offering incomparable purity and clarity.

Top Shelf Mixers

Denver, CO

Top Shelf Mixers sought to fill a niche in the beverage market by producing perfectly balanced, ultra-premium cocktail mixers that would compliment and enhance the complex flavours of the premium spirits with which they would be used.

The company used the same 1L and 750mL medium flint custom bottles across their entire line of products. The original 750mL bottle design incorporated an embossed surface, applied variety-specific external labeling and a lug screw cap. The 2nd generation 1L bottle is entirely frosted and incorporates a large rhinestone glued in a recessed indentation of the glass, while the closure was changed to a standard stelvin screw finish.

Ambhar Tequila

Austin, TX

Ambhar Tequila is artisanal, ultra-premium tequila hand-crafted in small batches from the finest 100% blue agave. While this elegant bottle was not originally developed by Fusion, Ambhar Tequila switched to us after having trouble with their Mexican vendor. Fusion has able to produce a higher quality bottle at a lower cost than the Mexican vendor, paired with a smoother and more reliable customer experience.

We produce this bottle in the ultra high clarity crystal flint glass. The ceramic heat transfer decal uses real platinum ink for the metallic logo. The closure and necklace medallion are both made from chrome plated zinc.

Genius Gin

Austin, TX

Genius Gin is handcrafted using a unique two-part ”Hot and Cold” process which exposes the delicate and unique characteristics of each botanical. The founders of Genius wanted a sophisticated bottle to match their beautifully balanced gin.

Made in two varieties, regular and navy strength, Fusion produced these bottles in crystal flint glass. The labels are ceramic heat transfer process. The punt in the base of the bottles has been spray-colored to reflect the color of the juniper berry for the regular strength and black to show the power of the navy-strength. Closures are printed stelvin screw caps.

Zebra Vodka

Denver, CO

Zebra Vodka is made from a complex combination of pure, Colorado spring water, sweet corn and a distillation process that is second to none. We produced this elegant bottle for Zebra in crystal flint glass. The labels are ceramic heat transfer with a silver metallic ring around an embossed logo in the center. The closure is a standard stelvin screw cap.

Hi Degree Tequila

Shanghai, China

Hi Degree Tequila, distilled by Leyros Distillery in Jalisco Mexico, is 100% agave and was developed specifically for the Chinese market. The quantity of the first batch was below the standard MOQ for custom bottles, so the brand owner opted to go with our masculine stock FG-012 bottle for Hi Degree. We added his own custom label which was applied by ceramic heat transfer before leaving our factory. The closure is black aluminium with synthetic cork and a paper band is providing the tamper evidence.

Telluride Vodka

Telluride, CO

Telluride Vodka is distilled from a base of corn grain and blended down with Rocky Mountain spring water. The unusually tall bottle is made from super flint glass and has a 2cm thick base. The label is ceramic heat transfer and accented with 22 karat gold leaf. The closure is a black stelvin screw cap.

Snova Vodka

Denver, CO

Snova Vodka created a unique surface texture for their bottle that resembles a mesh of interlocking ice crystals. The development was quite difficult, requiring 3 rounds of test molds before we achieved the texture they wanted. The resulting 1L crystal flint bottle is quite outstanding, with a ceramic heat transfer label in black and metallic silver, and a stelvin screw cap closure.

Alister Paine Whisky

New York, NY

Alister & Paine Magazine commissioned us to make a limited edition bottle for their 21 year old Scottish Whiskey which they offered to their VIP subscribers. The bottle is 250mL and made from crystal flint glass. The logo of Alister & Paint Magazine was embossed on one side, with a double-sided ceramic heat transfer label applied to the other side. The closure is a stained hardwood top with a natural cork lower.

W Water

Southampton, UK

W Water is a premium mineral water drawn from artisan springs which filters the water through natural Jurassic fossil beds. Launched in the UK, W Water has a tall super flint bottle with a square footprint. There are multiple styles of their bottle – clear, frosted, black sprayed. The front has either a silver metallic or a black ceramic heat transfer label. The black labels are adhesive pvc in either gloss or matt finish. The closure is a custom plastic shell with a synthetic cork stopper. They use a printed silver tamper evident band to seal the bottle.

Maven Cocktails

New York, NY

Maven is a vodka and wine cocktail made in both pinot noir and chardonnay varieties. The bottle is frosted super flint glass, with a hexagonal base made to fit perfectly into the hexagonal cavity on top of the custom plastic closure. The labels are applied decals.


Afton, VA

With a beautiful crystal flint bottle, Silverback really stands out on the shelf. The rear label is a double-sized decal showing black from the back side and the gorilla image from the front which gets magnified through the liquid. The middle label is made from custom stamped and printed aluminium. The closure, likewise, is custom embossed aluminium on black synthetic cork.

Wild Tonic

Everett, WA

Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha is a unique cousin of kombucha that is fermented with honey rather than sugar. The custom bottle is a stunning cobalt blue glass with embossed bees and brand name around the bottle, as well as a printed ROPP closure.

Firestarter Vodka


Unmistakable behind a bar or on a retail shelf, the Firestarter Vodka bottle is custom designed and made with super flint glass. The ceramic decal label wraps completely around the entire bottle and the closure, made from a combination of plastic and metal, is designed to look like a fire extinguisher. We produce this bottle in 750mL and 1000mL.

Revel Spirits

Venice, CA

Revel is a smooth, triple distilled agave spirit and the high quality square custom bottle was created to showcase that. The bottle is a higher-weight bottle with a thicker base. There are applied baked labels on the front of the bottle and neck, as well as rhinestones placed by hand on the front. The glass closure is custom as well, with a “floating” laser-etched logo in the middle.

Trust Me

Carlsbad, CA

Trust Me Vodka is made from local ingredients and naturally purified water from the Grand Tetons. The custom bottle gives talented artists a new canvas for their work. The high crystal flint bottle has the words Trust Me embossed on the front with applied decals laid over the embossing and the lower front. There is a double sided adhesive label on the back that shows the artwork from the front. The bottle is finished with a black-cased synthetic cork closure and custom printed tin capsule.

Yellow Rose Distilling

Houston, TX

Yellow Rose Distilling is an emerging micro-distillery located in Houston, TX. Known as the first legal whiskey distillery in Houston, they needed a bottle to match the product they produce. The high crystal flint custom glass bottle was produced to set them apart on the shelves and includes a debossed around the base, as well as metallic gold and white baked decals on the front.

Revivalist Gin

Elverson, PA

Revivalist Gin is a hand crafted, grain-to-bottle spirit produced in Pennsylvania by Brandy-wine Brand Distillers. The bottle minors the shape of our stock options with some custom features added to set it apart. A hand grip was added around the middle of the bottle, as well as a custom embossed logo on the top front.

Milkcan Moonshine

Mills, WY

The name MilkCan honors the rich, colorful tradition of rebel distilling in Wyoming. MilkCan Moonshine is packaged in a custom made milk bottle to pay tribute to the Wyoming Moonshiners of the past. The words MilkCan are embossed on the front and back. The bottle is spray coated white with a gradient fading to clear towards the top of the bottle. There are applied decals placed over the embossing on the front of the bottle, with printed adhesive labels and tamper evidence to finish.

El Jefe Tequila

Monterey, CA

El Jefe Tequila is the new generation of luxury craft tequila, and their custom crystal flint bottle was produced to match. The front of the bottle includes a recessed area where the embossed pewter label is inlaid. The base of the bottle features another recessed area of an agave leaf. The flat beveled edges add a strong, powerful look to the bottle that is topped off with a custom closure including an embossed logo and synthetic cork shank.

Simple Vodka

West Palm Beach, FL

Simple Vodka was created as a high-quality, farm-to-bottle vodka on a mission to end hunger in America. The bottle used is a Fusion stock option with a white gradient spray coating that fades out to clear towards the top of the bottle. Labeling is silk screen. The closure is a stock synthetic shank closure with a printed top and the bottle is finished with a printed tamper evidence strip.

Gypsy Vodka

Bingham Farms, MI

Gypsy Vodka was crafted for the young, wild, and free. The crystal flint bottle is a gorgeous custom bottle with spray coloring on the upper portion. The labels are applied decals on both the front and back, with a custom produced screw top closure with built-in tamper evidence.