Fusion Glassworks was originally established as Fusion Sourcing – a general purpose sourcing agency based in Shanghai, China. Early on in the life of the company, we had a customer who wanted to purchase inexpensive glass bottles from China. We spent some time researching glass factories and ultimately settled on one. Unfortunately, we ran into a number of problems with that factory – from low quality product to unsavory customer service. The bad factory experience was repeated multiple times over the years, but ultimately, we settled on a handful of trustworthy and reliable manufacturing partners who have really helped our business grow.

Over time, the glass customer's orders grew larger, the variety of bottles we were purchasing expanded, and the number of factories we worked with increased. As our experience with glass bottles grew, we started actively looking for new glass customers. We took on customers that needed hot sauce bottles, jam jars, pharmaceutical bottles, juice bottles, but most of all, custom spirits bottles.

Eventually, the portion of our overall business that was comprised of glass bottles became so large, we decided to rebrand ourselves Fusion Glassworks and focus solely on glass bottle manufacturing. We now work with a network of tried and trusted factories across China that specialize in glass bottles and related products – plastic caps, corks, labels, cardboard boxes, and promotional merchandise. We have multiple account managers in the U.S. and an operational team in Shanghai who can provide you with top rate product and service.